Jen Rettig Creative

When you get right down to it, Jen is someone that people like being around. Why? Jen enjoys (and knows how to get the best out of):

  • People – even actors
  • Children – even her own
  • Cameras – she’s been shooting since she was a wee lass in London
  • Words – she knows a few
  • Collaboration – no such thing as a bad idea, and all that
  • Cracking the whip – hey, someone has to be in charge!

Jen gets the job done (on time, on budget, with flair) while conjuring a fun environment so that everyone feels relaxed and creative.

  • That’s the kind of producer who achieves the perfect production.
  • That’s the kind of photographer who gets the perfect shot.
  • Enjoy a creative, efficient experience as you achieve your goal
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