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In order to create great shows, a producer must inspire great work in her team. 

That’s Jen’s strength. She loosens up talent, helps the crew find the best shot, nurtures collaboration, explores options and, ultimately, makes the decisions. Working with Jen means that your team will enjoy a dynamic rapport that leads to the best possible outcome.

What We Do

A producer is ultimately responsible for the finished product. There is a lot that goes into a production from conceptualization  to delivery many people collaborate to make it all happen.  Let Jen coordinate them for you.

Sometimes you just need a middleman. Agencies to Ad Execs…Camera Op to Editor…Craft Services to Audio Operator, there are all kinds of ways to make a day run smoothly…Jen has experienced them all.

Thirty seconds to thirty minutes there is no script too large or small. Let RETTIG+CO turn your prose into poetry.


Need someone to babysit the set? Order up lunches? Keep order amongst the natives? You know it! Call RETTIG+CO.

This is where having a background in editing makes a huge difference. If you can see what the editor needs in order to make the production flow then a day of shooting runs smoother. Jen has years of editing experience and she loves to collaborate with crew in order to get the right shot.

RETTIG+CO = Jen Rettig and her peeps. The “CO” is the crew and those crew are like family. Jen’s goal is to have a well-oiled and happy set. We work hard and have fun. Jen strives to have the team leave happy and sometimes that means, on long days, there needs to be some coffee or Red Bull to keep the crew hopping.

Jen has been known to rally groups of extras in a football stadium as well as wrangle a show host to the set. Experienced rodeo clowns need not apply…we’ve got this.

A Few Awards

Jen Rettig has been nominated for so many awards that RETTIG+CO calls her the Susan Lucci of the local Emmys. Luckily, like Susan, Jen has landed a few actual awards, including the following:

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